Union PAC

Brother and Sisters,
As you know, we have endorsed Ellen Kamei for the Mountain View City Council. This election cycle for Council is an important one for us. The new Council will be the one who will be voting on our next contract. It is important for all to help out as it makes the work load lighter for all.

We have scheduled precinct walking for Ellen the week of October 8th. The scheduled days are as follows. B-Shift on the 9th. C-Shift on the 11th. A-Shift on the 13th. The days scheduled are all 'going away days'. The respective Shift VP's will coordinate. As in the past, we will meet at Station 1 at approximately 8:30am. Materials will be distributed to those walking off Station 1 grounds (e.g. sidewalk or Oak Street).

We are also endorsing Pat Showalter. The support we will be giving Pat is financial only.

Thanks, Mike

Mike Quan
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